LIVETARGET Scaled Sardine Twitchbait Ghost Natural 3 12 A delicious morsel for any cruising saltwater hunter, the nearly ubiquitous sardine is faithfully reproduced here with precision design and vivid coloration. Twitch it just under the surface for a maddening, erratic flashIVETARGET suspends at rest, $14.49

The LIVETARGET Scaled Sardine is hard to differentiate from the real thing.

LIVETARGET Saltwater Series Scaled Sardine Twitchbait. The Koppers Live Target Lures Saltwater Scaled Sardine Pilchard wakebait capitalizes on this.

We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri Northbar Super Strike Daiwa and more than 100 other top brands meaning you'll be able to find any fishing lure you can imagine. Florida anglers and. Livetarget Lures Scaled Sardine Twitchbait Nturl Metlic. SST S 0 Natural Metalic. With countless natural and artificial offerings available to Florida anglers and.

Weve had excellent success with both metallic and ghost patterns with.

Sold in twitchbait no lip and wakebait small lip models in floating or.

SST S Ghost Natural. SST S Silver Green. LiveTarget SST S 0 Scaled Sardine Twitchbait Natural Metallic Fishing Lure. Ghost Amber. SSW T Ghost Natural Whitebait Pilchard Sardine UPC. With high quality saltwater fishing lures from TackleDirect don't be surprised if fish are jumping over themselves to reach your line.

Twitchbait Saltwater Hook 0 1 Depth Coleman 54 Quart Stainless Steel Belted Cooler. Live Target Inch Scaled Sardine Twitchbait Lures.

Free shipping. And ghost have a transparent lifelike finish. T Ghost Natural Whitebait Pilchard Sardine UPC. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. They are available in four colors ghost natural ghost amber. LiveTargets Scaled Sardine twitchbait comes in and inch floating or. LiveTarget SST S 0 Natural Metalic.

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